Monday, August 17, 2009

i lied...

I forgot I had been a little crafty a week or so ago and made the awesome Susanator a passport cover for her birthday...
Would love to have tried to make a double version for my upcoming NZ trip (this thursday!!!) with my beau but then there's that icky thing called work and the other ickiness that goes with it of deadlines...
Anyway, til next time...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the month in pickchures

  1. New addition to my desk at work...gorgeous!
  2. Rapahehu cocktails
  3. Skull and Crossbones and Pirates curse cocktails from Tiki lounge bar in Richmond
  4. P-man soaking up the love at the poker table
  5. Design festival comes to Melbourne Central
  6. Grafitti in an old the Donkey Wheel House during the Melbourne Open House
  7. Pink stuff dripping from the pavement above in the basement of the Donkey wheel house
  8. Flamiiiiinnngggg lips!
  9. Truly
  10. Awesome!
  11. Op shop finds...gorgeous glasses
  12. Even gorgeouser pink espresso cups and saucers
  13. Pink 1975 Annual and towel origami...scorpions, whales, penguins, cats and snakes out of towels?!? cool!
  14. inside
  15. New bike!
  16. Steam train rides, bike rides and car rides...

    p.s. when the hell is blogger gonna sort out the terrible WYSIWYG editor...posting pictures is such a nightmare!