Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A rolling stone gathers no moss

but I do...

The crafty weekend also yielded advances in my moss terrarium project.

I was originally going to gather some moss, blend it up with some beer and lather it onto some soil as I have seen suggested in a few places around the web. But as I am horrendously impatient, I ended up going for the transplant method...

The street I walk to to get to the Kensington shops is chock full of radside moss, so, bbq tool and lunchbox in hand I set about removing some moss to be placed into my little glass jars found in Arthur Daley's on Swanston St, $2 shops and Savers of Footscray.

So here are the results:

Notes to take from the first lot:
  • don't overdo it on rocks...otherwise you can't see the moss or the decorative bits...and it's almost impossible to pull it out and re-do it...
  • use smaller pieces of moss and squish them in...it's way to hard to get big bits out cleanly once they're in...
  • non-shaped glass is probably better as you get a clear view
  • create mushroom bases first and only after you've finished make the tops...the fimo gets coated on yr fingers and white bits turn to pinky red bits...messy!
Thanks to Blithe Gardens for the idea.


  1. Loving the puns, and the content too.
    Great job : )

  2. Ooh, I have been wanting to do something like this for ages- this might just be the inspiration I need!!

  3. Hey Maz! Yay you have a craft blog! Love the terrariums! So cute! I'm such a huge fan of moss...being all delicate and miniature. And I totally know what you mean re the fimo and the pink bits hehe!

    Nice work love xx