Monday, November 16, 2009

Anybody for a Faux Mo?

Yes, I am making faux mos for movember.

This is my way of raising funds and getting my free ticket to the movember ball...

Faux mos are felt badges I'm lovingly making by hand and am selling for $8 each. This means they are all unique. They also come on their own handmade card.

I'm not taking any money for materials or time, all of it goes to the movember group who are supporting research into prostate cancer and depression. A worthy cause I believe!

If you'd like to receive one, go here:, donate $8 (plus postage and a donation would be really nice :) ...) and then send me an email or PM me with your address, what colour you'd prefer, brown or black and what style you'd like, either a connoisseur style or the thinner parisian style. Or if yr feeling adventurous, just request a random one! Then I will get busy and send one through to you!

Here's a pic of my gorgeous friend Karin sporting a connoisseur in black... (thanks for the link back and the kick up the bum to write a post too!)

and a really bad product photo...

So quick sticks! Support the cause and get yours now!

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