Thursday, November 26, 2009

my first giveaway!

Ok, so going along with Pip's week of hello and happy I am going to giveaway my last 3 FAUX MO's.

I've been making FAUX MO's for Movember with all the money from selling them going to the Movember group who are all about raising money for men's health issues including supporting research into prostate cancer and depression.

I haven't made many and haven't really made a huge effort in my marketing campaign to sell too many as I've been too busy to sit down and make them! I only had the idea midway through Movember so am a little under prepared! But I have raised $114 for the cause which I think is OK...Maybe next year I will refine the design, my marketing and get making earlier so I can raise tons of money!

Anyway, for your chance to win one just leave a comment! I will draw some winners next Thursday. For each one given away I will donate money to my team, The Hirsute Gentlemen.

Here's a pic of my friend Karin sporting one...


  1. count me in please and thank you :)
    I would love to win one of those delightful
    little faux mo's and helping a cause makes
    it that much better =D

    I hope you ship to the United States.

  2. Oh wow- what a cool giveaway!

    My twin brothers and friends have all been growing their Mo's this month, and I've been feeling very left out: this is a really clever idea to help us girls feel in on the trend!


  3. What a fabulous idea and well done on raising money for a great cause. My hubby is growing one too and looks like a cross between a truck driver and bad pimp daddy. Not attractive!!

  4. great idea! my dad had prostate cancer earlier this year. thankfully it is all gone now. my 4 brothers and husband are all growing their mo's . hubby is looking a little like chopper. mmmmm... I would have preferred Tom Selleck myself.
    I drew a pencil moustache on my youngest girl (we have 3) and added her to the campaign to raise money. Even though it looks adorable , your moustache would have looked brilliant! next time

  5. As much as I squeeze and squeeze...I can't pop a mo. Can you perhaps help a Lass in dispair?

  6. Aw, that's cute! I would love to sport a Faux Mo. :)


  7. This is great all around!

    I am so into the whole mustache thing ... and am a BIG believer in charitable giving.

    Thanks for the chance.